PubhD event 27th June 2018:

This time a very summer-y PubhD session took place at the Redhouse pub and what better context for our speakers and audience than great academic talk and a refreshing pint with the sun out?

Presenters from both Northumbria and Newcastle University gathered a large crowd of researchers, PhDs, lecturers and non-academics to listen to their presentations. Topics ranged from Applied Science, Speech and Language Sciences to Law!


First off was Anastasia Trebacz, from Newcastle University. She introduced her research on speech therapy for 3-year-olds, where she drew compelling arguments as to why trials about speech and language therapy is needed. That was a great opportunity for us in the audience to learn some sign language and listen to the joys and challenges of doing research in schools!


After a short break (and a pint), Marc Stuhldreier, a PhD student in Law from Northumbria University, guided us through his research on zombie viruses and neglected diseases. His presentation shed light on some controversial aspects of patent law and the pharmaceutical industry, spurring conversation among the audience.


After another pint (of course!), our last speaker for the night, Giorgia Marucci from Northumbria University, showed us that art and science are not opposite worlds. She laid out in a simple way the complex scientific methods she is using to study the chemical composition of ancient manuscripts. Not only did she bring one of her infrared camera for us to play with… she also helped us understanding these complex techniques with metaphors on beers, in the true spirit of PubhD!



The event ended with a round of applauses for our three speakers, who were able to make their studies accessible to a supportive and engaged audience.

Hence, we look forward to listening to your voice for our next event in November 2018!


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