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Giuseppe Zago is a PhD student at Northumbria University. His current research focuses on the treatment of LGBT prisoners in places of detention, critically investigating the international human rights legal framework and the ways it is enforced in national jurisdictions.
He previously worked as a researcher on comparative sexual orientation law at Leiden Law School in the Netherlands, contributing to a comparative global overview of anti-sodomy legislation, and studying legal issues concerning same-sex families.
His areas of interest include human rights law, sexual orientation law, gender and sexuality.


Laure – Elise Mayard  is a French PhD researcher in International Law and Water at Northumbria University. Her research focuses on the interlinkages between International Economic, Environmental and Human Rights Law in the context of large hydropower developments in the Mekong Basin, using the concept of transnational law.
She has studied International Law (LLM) and Water Law (LLM) at Glasgow University and Dundee University. Her academic interests include water and environmental matters, as well as legal and governance issues.


Rosie Hodsdon is a PhD student at Northumbria University whose research is currently focusing on the experiences of workers in the UK BDSM pornography industry in the wake of a significant legal shift regarding their business practices. She has previously studied at Durham University, gaining her BA in Anthropology and Sociology. Her research interests include BDSM, polyamory and other non-normative sexualities, stigma and deviance, sex work and community-based participatory methods, as well as innovative methods of research dissemination.


Paolo Gerli is a PhD Student at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University. He is currently researching the interplay between public authorities, private providers and local communities in the EU broadband market, with a specific focus on the UK, Italy and Spain. Previously he studied Business and Economics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and worked for private and public organisations in the telecommunications industry. His research interests include the  digital economy, the regulation of network industries, public management and social entrepreneurship.


Previous Team Members include Rebecca PrescottTracy KirkRachel Dunn and Victoria Gleason. Check their Twitter profiles!


PubhD Newcastle began as an idea of Elaine Campbell. Elaine is a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria Law School. Her Professional Doctorate focusses on her experience as a supervisor at the Student Law Office. She blogs at alawuntoherself.